Sermons by Donnie Johnson

Sermons by Donnie Johnson


How can we live each day as though we are sent by Jesus to share Him with the world? Pastor Donnie looks at John 17:18.

Upper Room, Pt. 10

In John 17, Jesus prayed what’s known as the High Priestly prayer. Here Pastor Donnie looks at what Jesus prayed for us, His disciples to come in the ages ahead: For unity, love and the hope of Heaven.

Upper Room, Pt. 9

After finishing His Upper Room Discourse on the night of His arrest, Jesus gave what’s known as the High Priestly prayer in John 17.

Upper Room, Pt. 8

Pastor Donnie picks up his study of Jesus’ Upper Room Discourse at John 16:16, where Jesus wraps up His final message to His disciples on the night He will be arrested, the night before His crucifixion.

Upper Room, Pt. 6

Christians either intentionally follow Jesus, or unintentionally follow the world, according to Pastor Donnie’s study of John 15:18-27.

Upper Room, Pt. 5

Why did Jesus describe Himself as “the true vine” on the night before He was crucified? Because, says Pastor Donnie, staying connected to Jesus is the only way believers bear fruit, glorify God and experience true joy.

Upper Room, Pt. 3

Pastor Donnie continues our current study of the Upper Room Discourse, Jesus’ teaching to His disciples right before being betrayed.