Upper Room

Upper Room

Upper Room, Pt. 6

Christians either intentionally follow Jesus, or unintentionally follow the world, according to Pastor Donnie’s study of John 15:18-27.

Upper Room, Pt. 5

Why did Jesus describe Himself as “the true vine” on the night before He was crucified? Because, says Pastor Donnie, staying connected to Jesus is the only way believers bear fruit, glorify God and experience true joy.

Upper Room, pt. 2

Craig Shafer continues our current study of the Upper Room Discourse, Jesus’ teaching to His disciples right before being betrayed.

Upper Room, Pt. 1

In the Upper Room not long before His arrest, knowing what is about to happen to Him, Jesus has important things to teach His disciples. In this new series about what is now known as the Upper Room Discourse, Pastor Donnie here takes a look at John 13:1-17, and Jesus’ example of servant leadership.