Baby/Child Dedication

Baby/Child Dedication

What is child dedication?

To dedicate a child at Liferoads, the parent(s) bring the child to a Sunday service, and at a designated time, come onto the stage. The pastor introduces them to the congregation, explains the decision they are making, and prays for them. Dedication, however, does not grant salvation to a child. That decision is made by each person for him or herself at the time when they understand the need to make it and have the desire to do so. Dedication also is not baptism or a substitute for it.

Why should you do it?

Parents, in making the decision to dedicate a child, are committing to present their child to the Lord (Luke 2:22) and raise their child in a godly manner (Deut. 6:7, Ephesians 6:4). Parents are given this opportunity to recognize God’s gift of a child to them and lay a foundation of learning about God.

The Liferoads congregation is challenged to support the parents as they raise their child. The parents are part of the Liferoads community and commit to supporting the spiritual development of their child while in this community.

When should you do it?

Often, parents dedicate children when they are still infants. There is no such requirement, however, and older children are equally welcome. Dedication should be done when the parents are ready to make the commitments detailed above.

A child need only be dedicated once in a Christian church. Dedication is not required to make a future decision regarding salvation, nor to participate in the ministries of Liferoads.

How do you sign up?

Reach out to let us know by messaging the church or by filling out the tear off (on the side of a Sunday service program) that you’re interested in dedicating a child. If there is a specific date you’d like to do it, mention that as well. We’ll be in touch to confirm the date and get you more details.