10 Words

10 Words

10 Words, Pt. 7

The seventh of God’s 10 Commandments says “You shall not commit adultery.” In our sex-obsessed world, is that commandment still possible or relevant today? Absolutely, says Pastor Donnie.

10 WORDS, Pt. 6

Most in this world would agree with the sixth of God’s 10 Commandments: You shall not murder. But, why is human life inherently valuable? Pastor Donnie says that our culture has a casual view of the value of human life.

10 Words, Pt. 3

What does it mean to not take the name of God in vain? The third of the 10 Commandments means much more than not using the Lord’s name as a curse word, says Pastor Donnie.

10 Words, Pt. 1

Pastor Donnie here introduces a new 10-week sermon series entitled “10 Words,” covering the 10 Commandments.