Sermons by Craig Schafer

Sermons by Craig Schafer

Upper Room, pt. 2

Craig Shafer continues our current study of the Upper Room Discourse, Jesus’ teaching to His disciples right before being betrayed.

Meeting Jesus, Pt. 8

Today Craig Schafer takes a look at Jesus’ encounter with a woman who cleansed the Lord’s feet with her tears and hair, and anointed them with expensive ointment … much to the disdain of the meal’s host, who only saw her as a sinner whom he thought Jesus should shun. Instead Jesus said that her sins, which were many, were forgiven because of her great faith in Him.

Practical Faith – Pt. 12

In part 12 of our summer study of the Book of James, Craig Schafer teaches on James 5:7-12 and refers to doing versus thinking as a balancing act of faith.

Foretold – Part 1

Jesus foretold of his death and resurrection. Peter’s response was two fold 180° apart. How do we respond? Pray, Read Scripture and Fellowship!

That You May Believe – Part 10

Our perspective affects everything. We may be convinced of the true of a thing until we get more information. Once we have complete information, we can also have a correct perspective. John chapter 10 challenges our perspective of who Jesus is.