Sermons by Donnie Johnson (Page 3)

Sermons by Donnie Johnson (Page 3)

Practical Faith – Pt. 9

Where does conflict come from? In our study of the Book of James, Pastor Donnie says that it is the result of three wars that we fight: with others, with ourselves, and with God. What’s the solution? James offers seven things to deliver us from those conflicts in our lives.

Practical faith – Pt. 6

In our summer study of the Book of James, Pastor Donnie Johnson looks at chapter 2 verses 14-26 and discusses what faith really is … and what it’s not.

Practical Faith – Pt. 5

Today Pastor Donnie focuses on James 2:1-13 where we are told that faith is more than a belief or a feeling; instead, our inward faith is shown to be genuine by our outward actions … and largely by the motivation for our behaviors to others. Recorded on July 17, 2022, at Liferoads Church in Spokane, Washington.

Practical Faith, Pt. 4

Words matter, and God’s Word always brings life … but our words can either encourage or do great harm, according to Pastor Donnie.

Practical Faith, Pt. 3

Temptation is the focus of our study today in the Book of James. What, or whom, is the source of temptation, what is the process that it takes, and perhaps most importantly, what is the solution to it?

Practical Faith, Pt. 2

James encourages believers to ask God for His wisdom when faced with the multitude of decisions, big and small, that we face every day. The alternative to wisdom is foolishness, and living a life that is tossed to and fro by the tumultuous waves of circumstances.

Practical Faith – Pt. 1

Today’s introductory message to a new summer series on the Book of James focuses on the first four verses, the background of the author (the brother of Jesus), and James’ immediate encouragement to believers to count all suffering and trials as joy … say what? How do we do that? Pastor Donnie gives specific help to do just that.

Rival Gods – Pt. 4

In this final message in his teaching series, “Rival Gods,” Pastor Donnie Johnson compares how our world views and defines power to how the all-powerful God of the universe views it and wants His followers to steward whatever power they have. Pastor Donnie uses Jesus’ example of humble service in John 13 to instruct us.

Rival Gods – Pt. 3

In part 3 of Pastor Donnie Johnson’s Sunday teaching series, “Rival Gods,” he examines the potential rival to a Christian’s wholehearted worship of God: the “Rival God” of sex.

Rival Gods – Pt. 2

Do you rule your money … or does your desire for more money rule over you? In part 2 of Pastor Donnie Johnson’s Sunday teaching series, “Rival Gods,” he examines Jesus’ parable of the dishonest manager, found in Luke 16, to find the perspective we should have about the wealth and resources God has given us to steward in this life. Recorded on Sunday, May 29, 2022, at Liferoads Church in Spokane, Washington.

Rival Gods – Pt. 1

Pastor Donnie says that we should think about the Christian life as an ongoing process of submitting our lives to Christ, worshipping the true God, and getting rid of any rivals to Him. Over the next three weeks, Pastor Donnie will look at the big three rivals for Christians today are money, sex and power.