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Upper Room, Pt. 1

In the Upper Room not long before His arrest, knowing what is about to happen to Him, Jesus has important things to teach His disciples. In this new series about what is now known as the Upper Room Discourse, Pastor Donnie here takes a look at John 13:1-17, and Jesus’ example of servant leadership.

New Creation

Pastor Donnie explains three new things that happen to each of us when we receive the resurrected Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

10 Words, Pt. 7

The seventh of God’s 10 Commandments says “You shall not commit adultery.” In our sex-obsessed world, is that commandment still possible or relevant today? Absolutely, says Pastor Donnie.

10 WORDS, Pt. 6

Most in this world would agree with the sixth of God’s 10 Commandments: You shall not murder. But, why is human life inherently valuable? Pastor Donnie says that our culture has a casual view of the value of human life.

10 Words, Pt. 3

What does it mean to not take the name of God in vain? The third of the 10 Commandments means much more than not using the Lord’s name as a curse word, says Pastor Donnie.

10 Words, Pt. 2

The first two of the 10 Commandments given by God in Exodus 20 are key to being able to keep the other 8, says Pastor Donnie.

10 Words, Pt. 1

Pastor Donnie here introduces a new 10-week sermon series entitled “10 Words,” covering the 10 Commandments.