Sermons by Kylan Kracher (Page 2)

Sermons by Kylan Kracher (Page 2)

Out Tent, Our Task – Pt.1

We are an intersection between the physical and spiritual world. Even though our bodies are temporary tents, we are being renewed day by day preparing us to take possession of a greater dwelling in heaven. So while on earth we are called to serve Jesus to the best of our ability.

Hope and Holiness – Pt.1

Our identity should begin with being a Christian. We are chosen and our faith is the structure that we see the entire cosmos through. The outcome of our faith is the salvation of our soul.

Signs of Life – Kindness

It isn’t really about being kind, it is about being transformed into kindness. The fruit of the spirit are Gods traits. They develop together. Put on Jesus yoke of kindness and be transformed.

Renewed in Christ

A new year tends to bring new resolutions. But there is no renewal like the renewal in Christ. Humanism will fail us, what we need is a new heart. We need God to clean us and give us a new heart, to put His spirit in us.
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