Sermons from February 2023

Sermons from February 2023

Meeting Jesus, Pt. 5 – A Paralyzed Man

Jesus’ encounter with a paralyzed man, who was dropped through a roof by the paralytic’s friends who were desperate to get their suffering friend to Jesus for healing, begs the question: how desperate are we to bring our friends to the One who can help them today?

Meeting Jesus, Pt. 4

Pastor Donnie is taking a fresh look at the life and ministry of Jesus each Sunday before Easter, examining His encounter with a different person each week. Today he teaches about Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus.

Meeting Jesus, Pt. 2

In Luke 4:1-14, Jesus is directly tempted by Satan in the wilderness after 40 days of solitary fasting, and prayer. How Jesus responds is a great lesson in how we should face temptations in our own lives.