Current Series (Page 3)

Current Series (Page 3)

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10 Words, Pt. 2

The first two of the 10 Commandments given by God in Exodus 20 are key to being able to keep the other 8, says Pastor Donnie.

10 Words, Pt. 1

Pastor Donnie here introduces a new 10-week sermon series entitled “10 Words,” covering the 10 Commandments.

The Soul

The Bible says a lot about “the soul,” so … what is it? And what can we do as part of our healthy spiritual practices to nurture it?

Psalm 90 & 2023 Reflection

Pastor Donnie taught through Psalm 90 during our New Year’s Eve Service and led the congregation to reflect on 2023 and to pray for God’s will in 2024.

Fullness of JOY

Our culture seems obsessed with pursuing happiness, and yet it seems more and more out of reach. In John 15, Jesus promised His disciples a “fullness of joy.” Is there a difference between “happiness” and the “joy” that Jesus promised?

God’s Two Books

God communicates with us through two books: His creation and His written Word, the Bible. Pastor Donnie says we need to pay attention to both to get a fuller idea of who our God is, and what He is like.

God Meant It for Good, Pt. 4

Forgiving wrongs done to us, shedding that weight of unforgiveness, can transform our lives, says Pastor Donnie Johnson in this final part of his 4-week study of the life of Joseph. But how?

God Meant It for Good, Pt. 3

We should remember two things whenever we’re going through difficulties in life: First: God is good. Second: God has a plan. Nowhere are those truths more obvious than in the Bible story of Joseph. Today Pastor Donnie shows Joseph’s meteoric ascension from a prison cell to the Pharoah’s court in a single day.

God Meant It For Good, Pt. 2

Do you tend to run toward or away from God when suffering comes into your life? Pastor Donnie looks at how God was with Joseph during his many trials and suffering as a slave in Egypt, and though Joseph couldn’t have known the specifics of how God would bring good out of terrible circumstances, He did … and God always will bring good out of suffering for His children.

God Meant It for Good, Pt. 1

“God Meant it For Good.” These words come from the powerful story of Joseph recorded in the Book of Genesis, the focus of our new Sunday series. Pastor Donnie introduces Joseph and begins to address some of life’s biggest questions like “Where is God when we are suffering?”