Sermons from September 2021

Sermons from September 2021

To the Ends of the Earth – Part 20

These final chapters of Acts are a great example of both earthy love for all and heavenly minded devotion. Paul shows us how the Gospel is for all peoples, cultures and times. Because, Jesus is Lord of all!

To the Ends of the Earth – Part 19

We all have a powerful tool for the Kingdom of God. Your testimony! Today we look at a history changing statement from Paul on trail. He tells kings that Christianity is true and rational, and prayed that all who hear him might become just like him, except for the chains. Your statement can be just as powerful.

To the Ends of the Earth – Part 18

Paul completes his third missionary journey in Jerusalem where he is confronted with all sorts of trouble. In the midst of riot and arrest, Paul keeps a ‘hope filled – Big God’ perspective. Paul takes the opportunity of a riotous crowd to preach the good news of Christ through his testimony.