Worship Team

Worship Team

Music plays such and important role in today’s culture. It is everywhere you go; in our cars, in our homes, in our stores. It can have an incredible influence on our minds and lives. We love to see people expressing their gratitude and wonder of God through music and we feel the biggest role of the worship team is to point the people around us to Him. An important aspect of this job is the “excellence factor.” God wants our very best in everything we do, worship is no exception. This does not mean perfection. It only means we are to strive to give the very best we can give, individually and collectively as a team.

This is why we have an audition process. Not to embarrass you or hurt your feelings, but to make sure that this is where you can give your very best to God. Let us help you discover if this is where God wants to use you.

Team Objectives

Provide strong leadership to guide people into an experience with God through worship. Produce quality music to enhance and not distract from people’s worship experience.

Team Requirements

Spiritual Maturity – You must have an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus; you are a model to others. We want you to be able to show God to people not only on stage, but in your life as well.

A Servant’s Heart – You must be willing to do anything for God. In order to be used by God your gifts need to be wholly surrendered to Him. This isn’t a platform for you to be able to display your talents; this isn’t StarSearch. Your attitude should be: “I’ll do everything in my ability to do everything you need. If you can’t use me, I won’t be hurt; if you can use me, i won’t be proud.” Your passion needs to fit in with the objectives above, which are ministry to others.

Musical Ability – We love to help people use their gifts to serve God. Musical gifts and abilities are essential for a music ministry. We will help access what your gifts are and if this is where they can best be used. This is why we ask all prospective worship team members to audition.

Stage Presence & Believability – When you sing, play or lead worship, people should be able to look at you and see that you mean it; that you believe it; that you live it. You lead with more then just your voice or instrument, you communicate with your actions as well. Appropriate and modest dress is something we ask for also. (if you have questions about this please ask.)

Be A Team Player – You must believe in and own the goals and objectives of this ministry and church, and you have to be able to work well with others to accomplish them. If you can’t get along with others, we can’t use you. This is a team effort.

Reliability & Promptness – We rely on you and need to know that if you say you’ll be there, you’ll be there. It is a respect issue.


Excellence is doing the very best with what we have. As we strive for excellence we must put process before the product, however, in order to maintain our quality, we do the following:

Coaching – All of us can improve! We are committed to helping you grow your gifts and abilities. You don’t need to have it all figured out. We will offer evaluation and coaching during or after the rehearsal.

Wanna join our team?

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Important note: The submit button at the bottom of this form does not work unless you have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed on your computer. We recommend you print out the application and drop it off at the info center on Sunday morning.

Current Team Members

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