Technical Team

Technical Team

What is the Tech Team?

The Tech Team is comprised of three parts: Sound, Lights, and Media. Currently we are in need of volunteers in all three areas. Each part of the tech team serves closely with the worship and drama teams, attending practices to plan out and prepare for each service. If you like computers, music, gadgets, buttons or knobs then this team is for you. This is a great way to get involved once a month and serve without missing the regular service. It is also great way to get involved and get to know people. You don’t need any experience, we can train you. Come join us to create the weekly service experience.


Do you love music? Do you crank up your stereo? Then we have a job for you! Serve with the sound guys and control our sound board and high-tech sound equipment. This is an excellent skill to learn and we have some of the best teachers available who are both patient and caring as you progress to becoming a full-fledged sound tech. If you are interested please fill out the form below or stop by the tech booth after service and ask for for more info.


This team sets the mood of our weekly worship experience and is in need of volunteers; the light team is a great way to get involved quickly. The light team members control the lighting in the services for worship, special dramas, videos, baptisms and messages.

This is an easy way to get involved at Liferoads and by getting involved you will make a huge difference in people’s worship experiences. We are working toward getting additional lighting installed in the new building so we will have more and more options for you to display your creativity in each service. Please fill out the online form below or swing by the tech booth after the service and ask us about how you can get involved.


Do you love computers, video, or photography? This is the team for you! Our team members’ main job is to control everything you see on the screens during the services. They pick the photos and videos that go with the songs and sometimes even use photos that they have taken themselves. We use a program called ProPresenter to set up the slide shows, videos and even sound effects or songs on the computer. Videos and pictures often enhance the worship experience by transforming the stage into a sunset or a beautiful mountaintop vista.

This team is in need of volunteers and is a great way to get involved behind the scenes while still having a large impact on the service. If you are interested in helping in this area please fill out the form below or stop by the tech booth after service and ask us about how you can get involved.

Wanna join our team?

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Current Team Members

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