About Us

Why are we here?

In Acts chapter two there is a picture of people who had an authentic experience with God; allowing Him to enter their present circumstances, redeeming every aspect of life. They were taught things that were practical, relevant, and life changing. There was connection with other people that was deeper and safer than anything they had previously experienced. There was focus and purpose of life that made them feel like it was worth something. The full-spectrum of God’s redemptive work was being experienced locally, and expanded globally.

This vision of Liferoads is to translate or transfer this ancient experience into the present world. To not only see individuals experience transformation, but to see communities transformed; by helping each other become more like Christ; helping them take the road less traveled-the road to genuine life.

The Body of Christ worshiping God and serving people all the time everywhere motivated by love, helping each other become more like Christ! – 1 Thessalonians 2:8