Sermons by Donnie Johnson (Page 13)

Sermons by Donnie Johnson (Page 13)

Be My Witnesses

Our testimony about how Jesus changed our lives is our “review” on Christianity. The gospel is spread through testimonies. “Speak the gospel all the time, use words if necessary.

Come and See

Evangelism can be terrifying, but the Gospel travels through interpersonal lives. Just tell your story, be you. Here are nine ideas on how to share without pressure. Have a vision of transformation, Gods vision.

Lessons from Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes Pt.15 Perspective is powerful, don’t forget the big picture. Let wisdom guide, Let wisdom be an anchor. Enjoy Gods gifts and revere Him. For wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord.

What is your Perspective?

Ecclesiastes – Pt.9 Life can be very confusing, paradoxical and just an out right enigma. But, we need to have the proper perspective. We really don’t know Gods entire picture for us so we need to focus on enjoying what He has gifted us. Enjoy live as you experience it. Enjoy simple and good things with the hope of Gods just judgment.

Faith and Money

Ecclesiastes – Pt.7 Money is a tool, don’t let it become an idol. Work hard, work honest and trust in the Lord to provide.