Soap Journaling

Soap Journaling

What is SOAP Journaling?

All too often, when we read the Bible, we don’t take the time necessary to really reflect on what we have read. SOAP is a tool to use that you might find helpful when reflecting on God’s Word. It stands for (S)cripture, (O)bservation, (A)pplication, and (P)rayer. It is simply a way to help you take a closer look at the Bible when you read it.

How to Journal with SOAP

(Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer)

Step 1: Locate the passages of scripture for today in the Liferoads Bible reading plan.

Step 2: Ask God to show you what He would like you to focus on in today’s reading. Then read the passages with an open heart.

Step 3: When you find a verse or verses that you want to spend more time studying, open up to a fresh page in your journal.

Step 4: Write today’s date and the location of the verse(s)

Step 5: Write the letter ’S’ (Scripture) on the side of the page and then write out the verse(s) in your journal.

Step 6: Write the letter ’O’ (Observation) on the side of the page and then write what you notice about the Scripture.

Step 7: Write the letter ’A’ (Application) on the side of the page and then write how you will apply what you’ve just read.

Step 8: Write the letter ’P’ (Prayer) on the side of the page and write a prayer to God based on what you’ve just studied.

Step 9: When you finish writing, go back and give your journal entry a title to help you remember what it is all about. Then turn to your table of contents and write your journal entry date, Scripture, topic and title.

How to set up your journal

Purchase a composition or spiral bound notebook or a blank journal. Leave the first 5-6 pages of your notebook blank for a table of contents. This makes going back and looking up past journal entries much easier.

Each entry in the table of contents should have the date and title listed on the first line and the scripture and topic listed on the next line. For example:
June 22, 2013 “Mercy Trumps Judgment”
James 2:13 (Being Merciful)

Each page that you do a journal entry on should have the date and title at the top of the page that corresponds to an entry in the table of contents.

Then proceed with your journal entry using the letters SOAP as explained above.

“Make us Wise” – Wayne Cordeiro

“Make Us Wise” – Pastor Wayne Cordeiro from New Hope Oahu on Vimeo.